8 steps to fail your packaging renewal

Have you ever wondered, why packaging renewals fail? According to our experiences, by following these steps the likelihood of succeeding will drop drastically.

1. A good package almost builds itself, so don’t plan the project but follow your intuition.

2. Be sure to budget as little funds as possible for the renewal. In fact, doing things yourself saves money on many steps.

3. Design the package yourself as far as possible, and don’t involve the design agencies, material manufacturers, printing houses and other professionals into the development process before all the important issues have been decided on and can no longer be changed.

4. Do not aim at anything new, but stay with the well-known concepts, the same as others are using.

5. Keep in mind that packaging is a cost, not an investment. Save on the materials as well as with everything else to minimise the unit cost. Only the protective properties and speed of production will ultimately matter.

6. You know your product, so you know what kind of packaging it should have. Don’t ask the consumers what they value in your packaging.

7. If your new design looks good on paper and as an individual prototype, it’s going to sell for sure! Don’t waste your money on consumer research to see how it stands out from the competitors on the shelf or whether it communicates your product’s sales points to its target audience.

8. If your packaging looks great, there’s no point in losing more funds or energy into marketing it.

It is often enough just to follow a couple of these steps, but if you follow the full list as closely as possible, you’ll maximise the outcome.

If you want your product launch to be conducted thoroughly and based on knowledge, Sense N Insight applies the latest technologies with the best traditional methods to measure your package’s and product’s sales potential. So if you want the critical points of the launch to be researched in advance, we’d be happy to tell you how to do it. We can also tell you where to get the best possible packaging design, and if necessary, we’ll advise you to get the materials for your packaging. We know the right people for the best packaging.

Eero Seppala
Shopping & Retail Testing,
Sales & Marketing

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