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Sense N Insight provides you with facts instead of opinions. We will validate your product and package R&D decisions to maximize your sales potential.

We can show you how consumers view and feel about your products before they hit the market. Our research services will cover all the critical points by applying the latest technological tools combined with the best traditional research methods.


Does your product stand out from the shelf and competitors?


What are the strengths and weaknesses of your package?


How does your product match the customers’ wants and needs?

SNI Score tells it all

we have made it easy for you

Is it difficult to get relevant data to gain insight from end-users? One number tells it all. Sense N Insight Score reveals your sales potential and can be compared to your competitors to discover barriers for purchase. Our SNI Score lets you know where you stand without having to listen or read piles of opinions. Only 5% score over 80 points, and 50 points is enough for launch. Do you know your score?

In addition to our score, we provide relevant, inclusive and actionable insights for our clients at different stages of the development/design process.

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