Sense N Insight perustettiin vuonna 2017 tarjoamaan yrityksien pakkaus- ja tuotekehitysprosesseille faktoja oletuksien sijaan. Tavoitteemme on auttaa asiakkaitamme kehittämään parempia pakkauksia.

Sense N Insight konseptin kehittivät kolme tutkimusfirmaa. Ammattituntemusta meillä on kuluttajatutkimuksesta, elintarviketieteistä sekä pakkauksista.

Meistä tuli Sense N Insight

“In cling film packaging is a part of a product that has a central role to play both in consumer experience and willingness-to-pay. The research designed and executed by Sense N Insight resulted in important customer understanding relevant to the success of our product launch that has been utilised in Welmu’s product development and commercial concept design.”

— Jaakko Kaminen, CEO, Welmu International

“With Sense N Insight’s methods, we gained valuable information in the beginning of the design process about the distinctiveness, appeal and the image of our product in comparison to its competitors. With the guidance of the research results and the second round of iteration, we were able to create designs that spoke to the customers in the competitive environment. Examining the packaging at different stages of the design process created information, which will make the launch of the new packaging less risky. The most useful part of the research was the application of the same methods at the different stages of the design process. Following the SNI SCORE made it easy to see how the designs were developing. Based on our experience, I can recommend Sense N Insight’s packaging research services to companies involved in packaging design development.”

-Erik Magnus Melsom, Nordic Brand & Innovation Manager, Nestlé

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