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Does your packaging stand out from the shelf? Eye tracking reveals the truth. The eye tracking studies can be conducted either in a virtual store or as an accompanied shopping study in a physical shopping environment. Single package eye tracking or EEG studies can be conducted for studying design hierarchy or other specific design related questions.

Our reports include:

  • Heatmaps for various shelf settings
  • Data for: Visibility, Attention, Engagement, Preference
  • Heatmaps for single packages
  • Data for: Brand communication, Design hierarchy, Preferences
  • Open comments for shelf and single packages

SNI Package

Does you packaging add value for your product or increase consumers’ willingness-to-pay? Value Toolkit ® digs deep into customers’ minds to find out. The studies are conducted either as personal interviews or focus groups.

Our reports include:

  • Package value profiles
  • Top attributes
  • Preference and willingness-to-buy
  • Willingness-to-pay
  • Open comments
  • (Package and sensory profiles combined)

SNI Product

Does your product fulfill the brand promise communicated by your package? Sensory evaluation will tell it. The studies can be conducted as a hall test, a home test or an online test.

Our reports include:

  • Sensory profiles
  • Overall pleasantness (blind or/and informed)
  • Willingness-to-buy and willingness-to-pay​​
  • Open comments​
  • (Package and sensory profiles combined)


According to research, testing more concepts/design lines leads to better packaging design and can increase sales on average 5.5%. (Nielsen Innovation Report 2015.) Our studies show that well-designed packaging can increase willingness-to-pay on average 10%. For successful packaging, the average payback period for research and design investment is less than six months.


See below, how your ROI can be calculated.


Return on investment = (incremental profit – investmest costs)/investment costs

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