when three became one

Imagine making a cake and missing the flour, or having fish n chips without the fish. You get food, but it doesn’t look ready or taste good. When stumbling upon a bigger project, this was something we thought about. As three separate companies, we are not able to give what the customer truly needs. Our solution? Combining our different set of skills and expertise, and provide an even stronger and more wholesome service for our customers.


Developing a product to its full potential, means knowing the strengths and weaknesses in every aspect of the products life cycle, and when Best Before, Package Testing & Research, and Makery came to together, we became that full life cycle. 


We became Sense N Insight.

In cling film packaging is a part of a product that has a central role to play both in consumer experience and willingness-to-pay. The research designed and executed by Sense N Insight resulted in important customer understanding relevant to the success of our product launch that has been utilised in Welmu’s product development and commercial concept design.
— Jaakko Kaminen, CEO, Welmu International