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  • Does my product stand out on the shelf?
  • Are the main elements of the package noticeable?
  • Does the consumer understand what is being sold in the package?
  • Which factors increase the distinguishability of the product in relation to its competitors?


  • What does the consumer value in my current or new package?
  • Does the new package add value to my product?
  • What kind of a strenghts or weaknesses does my package have compared to the main competitors’?
  • Does my package increase consumers’ willingness-to-pay?


  • Are my product’s sensory qualities better than the competitor’s?
  • Does the packaging match the product?
  • Will the consumers buy my product again?

We will assist you at all stages of your product and packaging development.

We can provide deeper consumer insight to make sure that packaging gives your product an opportunity to be successful. The earlier you start, the closer you’ll be for achieving your goals and finding the right design direction. See below how we can help you at different phases of your design process.

SNI Benchmarker

When you are considering a packaging update or are heading to new markets, we’ll help you to:

  • Benchmark the market and competitors
  • Learn about consumers’ preferences
  • Form sensory profiles of competitive products
  • Discover potential target groups
  • Learn about new materials & packaging opportunities

SNI Design Director

When you need to make decisions for choosing the optimal design, we’ll help you to:

  • Compare concepts and design variations to competitors
  • Detect the strengths and weaknesses of your product and packaging
  • Optimise sensory experience and packaging to meet each other
  • Optimise your product information and brand message
  • Compare POS materials

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