shelf visibility

Does your packaging stand out from the shelf? Eye tracking reveals the truth. The eye tracking studies can be conducted either in a virtual store or as an accompanied shopping study in a physical shopping environment. Single package eye tracking or EEG studies can be conducted for studying design hierarchy or other specific design related questions.

Our reports include:

  • Heatmaps for various shelf settings
  • Data for: Visibility, Attention, Engagement, Preference
  • Heatmaps for single packages
  • Data for: Brand communication, Design hierarchy, Preferences
  • Open comments for shelf and single packages


Does you packaging add value for your product or increase consumers’ willingness-to-pay? Value Toolkit ® digs deep into customers’ minds to find out. The studies are conducted either as personal interviews or focus groups.

Our reports include:

  • Package value profiles
  • Top attributes
  • Preference and willingness-to-buy
  • Willingness-to-pay
  • Open comments
  • (Package and sensory profiles combined)


Does your product live up to its promise by the packaging? When should the origin of the raw material be declared? How to make the list of ingredients shorter? Why shouldn’t a particular claim be put on the packaging?

The service includes:

  • mandatory labeling
  • checking the correctness of the labeling
  • drawing up the list of ingredients, checking their accuracy and shortening them
  • determination of nutritional information and health claims
  • the permissibility and suitability of the use of voluntary labeling
  • review of the conditions and correctness of nutrition and health claims
  • translations of the labeling of imported products and compliance with Finnish legislation
  • clarification of labeling requirements in countries of destination for export products
  • translations into the desired languages

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