discover your sales potential

Successful packaging design can increase sales up to 20%.

Our SNI Score lets you know where you stand without having to read through piles of opinions. You can also compare the score with your main competitors and discover the possible barriers to purchase.



Average evaluation of product's store visibility.



Average evaluation of consumers' value perceptions.



Average evaluation of consumers' sensory experience.


In addition to our score, we provide more detailed results of various methods to aid your design and development processes.

make decisions based on facts

We provide a deeper consumer insight to make sure that the packaging gives your product an opportunity to be successful. The earlier you start, the closer you'll be to achieving your goals and finding the right design direction. See below how we can help you in different phases of your design process.


SNI Design Benchmarker

When you are considering a packaging update or are heading to new markets, we'll help you to:

  • Benchmark the market and competitors
  • Learn about consumer preferences
  • Form sensory profiles of competitive products
  • Discover potential target groups
  • Learn about new materials & packaging opportunities

SNI Design Director

When you need to make decisions for a new product concept or a packaging update, we'll help you to:

  • Compare concepts and design variations to competitors
  • Detect strengths and weaknesses of your product and packaging
  • Optimise sensory experience and packaging to meet each other
  • Optimise your product information and brand message
  • Compare POS materials


SNI Design Refiner

When you are close to market entry, we'll help you to:

  • Discover your sales potential
  • Optimise your packaging for launch
  • Define price and value positioning
  • Gain insight for retail negotiations

SNI Design Tracker

Sometimes things don't go as you planned. You fail to achieve your sales goals or the competitive landscape has changed faster than you expected, but don't worry, we'll help you to:

  • Test how you perform in the current competitive situation
  • Define key areas to improve, in order to reach your goals
  • Improve your shelf visibility by finding the best POS materials


We employ several methods to answer your questions and find out your products' sales potential. All you need to know to improve your sales potential, from one place. Our score is based on a fine selection of tools, including the latest technological tools combined with the best traditional methods. We use:


eye tracking

home tests

value toolkit


hall tests


focus groups

online tests

virtual store