Clear packaging labels are your brand's business card

Sense N Insight offers consulting services related to packaging labelling, food legislation and packaging development.

Every food manufacturer must provide their products with product information which will be marked on the products’ sales packaging. Food packaging labelling is regulated by legislation, which in addition to the general EU food information regulation also includes national laws and regulations related to individual food categories. In Finland, food packaging labelling is regulated by almost 40 different laws and regulations.

For products with simple raw materials, requirements of the legislation are easy to grasp and manage, but with wide ranges of raw materials and products, compliance with several laws is required. Professional expertise is useful especially in the latter case, although even in the less complicated cases, it is worth preparing the packaging labels correctly at once. We are happy to help our clients with packaging projects of all sizes.


Carefully prepared and clear packaging labels give a reliable image of the product and brand. Free up your company’s resources for core tasks and let a professional take care of the correctness and legal compliance of your company’s packaging labels. Read more below.

  • Preparation of mandatory packaging labels and ingredient lists, as well as checking and abbreviating the finished packaging labels.
  • Calculation of nutritional value data based on product specifications, and checking the conditions and correctness of nutrition and health claims.
  • Checking the permissibility and appropriateness of the use of marketing claims and other voluntary labels.
  • Finnish and Swedish translations of packaging labels of imported products and verification of equivalence in relation to Finnish legislation.
  • Consultation on packaging labelling requirements of the target countries of export products, and, if necessary, translations into the desired languages.
  • Preparation of marketing statements, and other food legislation consultation according to customer needs.

Food packaging labels are the manufacturer’s responsibility. Packaging labels are regulated by the EU Food Information Regulation and national regulations. Some of the packaging label markings are mandatory, providing consumers with required information about the food product. The law not only regulates what must be included on packaging labels, but also how the product information is accessible to consumers.

For example, legibility, language requirements, and correctness of information must be considered in packaging labels. When using voluntary nutrition or health claims, care must be taken to ensure that the claims are in accordance with law. Regarding voluntary packaging labels, it is important that the information given about the food does not mislead the consumer. It is also necessary to know what kind of statements are allowed to be added to the packaging for marketing purposes.

Why should the drafting or at least the review of packaging labels be done by an expert familiar with the respective legislation and regulations?

At product launch, anything extra may seem time-consuming and expensive, but in fact, discovering mistakes in packaging labels later will be much more expensive. In the worst case, e.g., incorrect declaration of allergens, a recall must be carried out. Authorities have their own procedures for processing incorrect health and nutrition claims. Even small and harmless errors in the packaging labelling increase costs, as they require updating the packaging printing and labels.

In addition to presenting mandatory information, packaging labels act as the business card for the product, the brand, and the entire company. In this case, even small mistakes leave a negative tone about the entire company. If consumers notice flaws in the markings that are important to them, their purchase decision is negative. Carefully and properly made packaging labels give a high-quality and confidence-inspiring image of the product and its manufacturer.

Do you need help with packaging labels or product information? Whether it concerns checking the labelling of a single product or, for example, preparing the labelling of several products based on a recipe, we are there to help you.